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Labour Statistics 

•  reduction on caesarian rate 
•  shorter labour 
•  reduction in the need for epidurals 
•  reduction in forcep use 
•  reduction in Syntocinon use (induction) 
•  reduction in analgesia use (narcotics) 

Benefits for Mothers 
• Better bonding with baby and partner after birth 
• Lower rates of Post Natal Depression 
• Higher rates of successful breastfeeding 
• Greater sense of achievement 
• Greater sense of support 
• Greater satisfaction with her partners role in supporting her in labour 

Benefits for Fathers 
• Less pressure as the sole support person 
• Ability to have breaks without abandoning partner 
• Encouragement and guidance in how to support a labouring woman 
• Emotional support and reassurance 
• Greater satisfaction for the support you are able to provide your partner 
• Greater sense of involvement in being able to absorb the birth experience 

Benefits for Baby 
• Less admissions to neonatal/special care nurseries 
• Higher rates of breastfeeding success 
• Higher AGPAR ratings after birth


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