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Would you run a marathon without training? Preparing for birth is essentially training for a marathon you need to be strong in body and mind.  A woman’s body goes through many physical changes when growing a baby.


Some common aliments of pregnancy are back and hip pain, tiredness, and swollen feet to name a few. Yoga can help to support a woman’s changing body and allow her to be more in tune with her body and what it needs giving her the awareness means she can make changes to her lifestyle to improve her physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.


One of the essential benefits of yoga for expectant mothers is breath awareness and an understanding of how to breath which is a key tool for women in labour. Using your breath effectively can make all the difference in your labour.


Most people spend their lives very disconnected from their breath or breathe using only a section of their full lung capacity. How we feel physically affects how we feel mentally, practicing yoga through pregnancy shifts a woman’s mental state giving her more confidence in her ability to birth her baby. 

Enhance the wellbeing of yourself and your child with the support of a Doula