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Raw Placenta Encapsulation - Fee $320


Unlike the Traditional Chinese Medicine preparation of the placenta, when processing a placenta raw we do not steam the placenta during the process. We simply forgo the steaming process.


Leaving out the steaming process can save the vital nutrients and hormones that may be depleted once the placenta has been heated above 55 degrees. Some believe that steaming the placenta destroys a few of the essential nutrients. Using this option provides a burst of energy upfront and can be of great value in stabilizing the hormones.


This service includes encapsulation, instructions on consuming and storage, picking up your placenta from your birthplace  and delivery of placenta capsules is an extra fee ($20) please see booking form for details or you can deliver and collect directly from BeBirth in Mosman for $300.

Placenta encapsulation may:

  • Significantly reduce post-birth bleeding

  • Encourage a quick and healthy milk supply

  • Replenish essential hormones such as oxytocin and CRH (stress reducer hormone)

  • Replenish essential nutrients such as vit B6 and iron

  • Prevent the baby blues and post-partum depression

  • Leave new mothers feeling calmer

  • Give new mums the energy to cope with a busy day


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Placenta Smoothie - Fee $40

To be consumed as soon as possible after the birth
Do not have a raw smoothie if meconium was present in amniotic fluid


The raw placenta is known for its high contents of stem cells and growth factors, which together may heal damaged tissue and organs at a rapid rate. Consuming the placenta raw is the most natural and beneficial way to benefit from your placenta after birth. The smoothie tastes no different than a regular fruit smoothie. A great option while you are waiting for your capsules to arrive. 


This service includes coming to your home and making the smoothie for you to enjoy moments after the birth. All equipment, (blender, thermos) must be supplied by the client for hygiene reasons. BeBirth will supply fruit for smoothie. 



Benefits of raw placenta smoothie

Raw placenta smoothie may:

  • Help to stop post partum haemorrhaging and trigger the body to quickly heal internal wounds

  • Significantly reduces blood loss

  • Give the body an immediate supply of essential vitamins and nutrients

  • Provide the body with an immediate boost of hormones to begin healing the body after birth

  • Give the mother an immediate feeling of strength and balance

  • Most mothers who have the smoothie report milk ‘comes in’ at day 2 post-partum rather than 3-4 days post-partum

  • Eases the hormonal transition to post-partum and helps prevent the ‘baby blues’ around the time when milk engorges the breasts.



Placenta Tincture - Fee $140 (includes Be Birth Delivery $120 for pick up) 


Placenta Tincture is made from a piece of the mother’s own raw placenta after birth, steeping in alcohol making a strong remedy. It is said that placenta tincture is used for emotional, mental and psychological instability and may also be very beneficial for treating PMS and menopause.


Benefits of Homeopathic Placenta Tincture


  • Stimulate the ‘vital force’

  • Help in times of emotional Imbalance or distress for mother and baby

  • Give energy and strength when ill

  • Keep indefinitely if stored properly 



Important Dislaimer
Please note: BeBirth Encapsulation services have not been evaluated by the TGA and are not meant to prevent, treat or diagnose any disease, illness or symptoms. Clients understand that they are assuming all risks and benefits based on their own research and belief of the placenta's healing and nutritional properties. 


Be Birth is a member of The Placenta Network and adheres to strict hygiene policies.


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