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Jessica Valle

During my first pregnancy I was referred to Brooke to have my placenta encapsulated which I did and had a great experience - lots of milk supply, no hormonal swings and my energy levels were good too. Now, in my second pregnancy I am attending her prenatal yoga classes and I find them awesome :) with lots of information and what I really like are the practical tips to empower and prepare us for birth. I am definitely having my placenta encapsulated again as I had a great experience last time. Definitely recommend Brooke for her services!

Allison L'Armour

Brooke was highly recommended to me for her placenta encapsulation service. Brooke had a wealth of knowledge to share with us regarding this process and was professional, gentle and supportive throughout the time we spent with her. We were so thrilled with the encapsulation service and with Brooke that we asked her to teach us baby massage classes in our home. Thank you so much Brooke!"

Amanda Drain

"I was really excited when I heard about placenta encapsulation and its benefits. I also chose to have a placenta smoothie, which I drank the day my bub was born. Eight months on I have maintained a really strong milk supply, had heaps of energy and no baby blues."

Paula Muller

After the birth of my third child I decided to give placenta encapsulation a go as I found it difficult recovering from the first two births. Not only did I recover well and fast, I had a great milk supply and my skin glowed! Would definitely do it again." 

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