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To BE or not to BE

Have you ever really explored what it means to just Be? I feel like this has been my mantra this year and something that I keep coming back to. When things are not going the way I would like them too or I find myself being challenged emotionally and mentally I remind myself that its ok to just Be in the present moment, feeling the emotions and knowing that eventually it will change.

One of the biggest catalysts for rebranding my business and arriving at the name Be Birth, which I might add, literally jumped into my head as I was walking across the road! Thank you universe! It was this journey of coming back to the present moment and accepting where I was in my life and BEing ok with it. After much searching over the years I finally discovered a meditation style recently that felt right and so here I am at the starting point of my journey with meditation, see even yoga teachers struggle to meditate! Through reading, listening and practicing meditation I realised that I had the power to create change in my life, by the thoughts I created each and every day, by becoming present and BEing truly connected, aware and engaged in life which can be challenging with so many distractions, Facebook, Instagram, well ok all social media!

I can honestly say I have started to trust myself and the journey I am on with much more ease and the ability to surrender to the experiences life is offering me, to the people I meet, the places I travel and the knowledge I gain, no person, place or thing enters your life for no reason, but if you aren’t open to questioning this or surrendering to it you may just miss a magical piece of wisdom or lesson to be learnt.

I encourage you to in those moments of great challenge, especially as you start your journey into motherhood that you take a moment to stop and breathe, to connect with yourself and your baby and know that you are brought together for a reason, to learn from each other. BE present, BE open, BE willing to search, to question, to find the hidden meaning behind all things. Slow down…Enjoy your life…the good bits and the challenging ones for they are all stepping steps on this journey we call life.

Try this easy simple daily meditation practice:

S top

T ake three deep breathes

O bserve your body and thoughts

P lace your hand on your heart and proceed with loving kindness to yourself

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