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How to Love Whole Heartedly

Last night I watched a film called The Power of the Heart. There were lots of great messages but the one that stood out to me was, if you are not following your purpose your heart will know and tell you, but are you awake enough to listen. How many times have you felt something so strongly but your head tells you to do the opposite? Most human beings are the walking dead. How many people do you know who go to the same job every day and every day they hate that job, it’s a means to an end. It is not their passion or purpose but they have lost connection to their heart to discover what truly matters to them.

I believe we are here to discover how we can make a difference to humanity, to serve from the heart and in the process grow and connect to each other and ourselves on a deeper level. In order to do this though we must first love ourselves, we have all heard the saying you can’t love another unless you love yourself. I absolutely agree and am working on this every day. As children we are teased and conditioned to believe that you can’t love yourself because that’s weird or up yourself or not cool.

What if we taught children that first they must love themselves wholeheartedly and then expand their hearts to others, to teach them to listen to what their heart is telling them.

To love yourself whole-heartedly means, respecting, nurturing, listening and honouring your heart. To be able to love another you must not deny who you are or you will feel the divide of your heart.

I believe this is an important lesson for us all especially for women when they enter into motherhood and can lose sense of their own needs as they care for another but how can you nurture and love your child if you don’t nurture and love yourself?

The way you can begin to listen to your heart is to pause, connect with your breath and ask this simple question… Is what I’m doing or saying moving me closer to my heart or further from my heart?

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