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What happens when we label ourselves or others??


I was chatting to a doula client the other day and we were discussing the impact of health professionals, friends, family members labelling your baby, your pregnancy, your health. She was told by a health professional that her baby was on the bigger side of normal, whatever that means?? She birthed her 3kg baby last week and it was a beautiful and empowering birth for her. Although when she was doubting herself in the labour what came to mind was someone labelling her baby "big" and she then started thinking all kinds of scenarios. She began doubting her ability to birth her baby based on what someone had said months ago!

So what happens when we are labelled or even when we label ourselves. I have heard many students, clients say things like, im too old to have a baby, not strong enough to birth naturally, my mum struggled with her births so I will too, or from health professionals, your pelvis is too small, your baby is to big/small, your too old, too fat, too small, the list goes on...

When we are labelled or we label ourselves it sets up a belief pattern that that is who we are and there is no changing that, so we tell ourselves, we tell our bodies and soon enough we believe it and so does our bodies. Our thoughts impact our feelings and our feelings impact the chemicals/hormones released by the body. You think a thought of I am strong and capable and your body will release feel good hormones, oxyitocin, seritonin etc you think a thought of im not good enough, not strong enough and yep your body will listen and respond accordingly and release not so pleasant chemicals. The body and mind are indeed connected.

Try it, spend a day thinking how terrible your life is, how fat you are, skinny you are, poor your are, lonely you are, you get the picture??!! You probably wont last long because it wont feel good. We cant control people from labelling us but we can control whether we believe it or not, next time you or someone else labels you something, stop and ask yourself is this REALLY who i am??


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