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Let's talk choices not smoothies

Is it really that big a deal??

Last night The Manly Daily posted an article on my work providing placenta services to new mothers. Although my business is much more then just placentas. I completely understand that this topic is unusual and hard for some to get their heads around and I'm the first to say its not for everyone.

What drives me to do what I do is knowing that women have choices when it comes to their pregnancies, labour, and yes their placentas. When we choose to follow a different path in life, make different choices that are not mainstream we will always come up against people who are threatened or shocked by those choices and that's ok. The real conversation to be had here is about women's choices, we live in a society that is slowly taking choices around pregnancy and birthing away from women. Instead of communicating a woman''s choices to her the system is dictating those choices to her.

I strongly believe that if we continue to treat all birthing women the same we will continue to have mothers who are fearful of birth and disempowered through their pregnancies. Let the birthing woman choose what is right for her and her baby, that means her place of birth, her care provider and yes what she would like to do with her placenta, afterall it is her body isnt it?

My aim as a Doula and pre natal yoga teacher is to empower women with knowledge so that they can then make an informed decision based upon their own beliefs, research and investigation into what is innately right for them. Have a green smoothie or placenta smoothie its your choice, live your life according to your values and beliefs and you will find that life is a hell of a lot less stressful and actually more fun and much more rewarding. My heart felt wish for all birthing women is that you listen to your heart, question everyone who ofters an opinion about your birth, make choices based on facts not fear and mostly as Oscar Wilde said....


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