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What are your lessons in life..??

Even Yoga teachers are flawed....

They say we are all here to learn lessons in life, but how do you know what your lessons are? I have come to realise that mine seem to be all about the meaning of independence and acceptence of self. Interesting that over the years I have chosen career paths that kind of force you to look at these things, my love of acting, yoga and birth. A little bit hard to run from yourself in all three of these paths, believe me I have tried. The more you run the closer you get to your "stuff." Unfortunately or fortunately the only way to evolve or grow in life is to stop running and dive in. To search, question and seek out the answers to those lessons.

Interestingly the most common question I am asked is not about yoga or birth or babies but whether I have met someone? Common question when you have been single for awhile. I'm sure like most 30 something single women out there this is all to familiar. Why do some people fall in love in their 20's and others in their 40"s? Is one better or worse? Or maybe there really is a plan for all of us and we need to trust that where we are in life is exactly where we are meant to be? I dont have all the answer yet, I am still searching and trusting that life is guiding me on my path. What I have learnt though from being by myself is this:

My Self - to be OK with being alone - I go to the movies alone, to restaurants and travel the world alone.

Lesson: Its ok to like your own company, sure it can be lonely at times, but i'm a better version of me for when the time comes to share my space, my heart and ultimately my life with someone.

My purpose - I have never wanted to just do a job, I have always wanted to make a difference in peoples lives, to know what my purpose was, the meaning of my life, but somehow relationships would make this fuzzy for me.

Lesson: I needed the space for this to become clear, to intergrate this into my being. We all have a purpose in life, the challenge is to connect with it and act on it.

My Dreams - to become clear about what I truly want in life, to keep believing even when its hard and to never give up because without dreams there is no hope.



With Love and Gratitude,

Brooke x

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