Samira Wanderley

One of my friends has recommended Brooke as a pre natal teacher yoga and since I had my first class it's been my favorite antenatal exercise. Brooke is extremely knowledgable in regards to birth and yoga and always empower us during the class with lots and lots of great birth informations which helped myself to build my confidence for my big day. 

Jessica Valle

During my first pregnancy I was referred to Brooke to have my placenta encapsulated which I did and had a great experience - lots of milk supply, no hormonal swings and my energy levels were good too. Now, in my second pregnancy I am attending her prenatal yoga classes and I find them awesome :) with lots of information and what I really like are the practical tips to empower and prepare us for birth. I am definitely having my placenta encapsulated again as I had a great experience last time. Definitely recommend Brooke for her services!

Alicia Hewat

I loved Brooke's pre natal yoga classes. It was always a calming & happy environment with a great set of poses to make you feel like you'd had a great stretch. Brooke's advice was also fantastic. I also found her classes motivating, positive & uplifting. Highly recommended! 

Ella Hrncir

"I attended Brooke's yoga classes throughout both my pregnancies. Brooke's passion to enlighten women on birth is inspirational! Brooke is professional and caring. A woman that wants to empower every mother to be. The information I received at Brooke's classes was priceless, she will change your labour experience for the better. A star!"

Christine Guttenbeil

"I attended Brooke's yoga sessions, which are amazing. Brooke has a Wealth of knowledge and shares this before each session. I found it helped give me the confidence and reassurance I needed to have a successful hypnobirth experience. Following the birth of my child, I also did placenta encapsulation. I highly recommend Brooke."

Catherine Kane

My first 2 children were born by cesarean. Pretty much everyone from friends to obstetricians had told me that after 2 cesarians there was no way I'd be allowed to attempt a natural birth if I had a third child. Brooke opened my eyes to the fact that this was not the case, that with research I would find that the risks of a VBA2C are actually quite small given my circumstances and that there are some health care providers out there who would support me. She was right and thanks to Brooke I am now on the path to hopefully delivering my third child naturally with the support of my local hospital. Brooke's yoga classes are helping me to believe in my body's ability to birth my child, they are helping me to stay fit and strong to deal with whatever labour throws at me and they are a great way to grab some precious time for myself and my baby. I highly recommend Brooke's classes, she is empowering women to believe in themselves and their bodies and to have more control over their birth choices - plus it's great to have a stretch out and spend time with other like-minded pregnant women.

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