Jo & Mark Muir

August 2009

Brooke was a wonderful support person from the moment we met her, all the way through to her visits once Charlie was here. I so appreciated her listening and respect for our wishes. It gave me peace of mind to have someone there during birth, not only as a support person so my husband could take a breather, but also a clear mind if we had needed to make any key decisions during an emotional time, knowing our preferred birth plan. I have no hesitation in recommending having a Doula, and a must have for me for any future little ones!

Elizabeth & Ian

January 2010

We unreservedly recommend Brooke, she provided a familiar, comforting and stabilising reassurance to us at the time of the birth of our son Ben. She also had an impressive breadth of knowledge about what we needed to think about before, during and after the birth.

Paula & Oskar

April 2012 - Sweden

I attribute my successful VBAC to having Brooke by my side throughout.  Brooke was born to help mother & baby achieve an empowering birth, allow babies a flying start in life and have a positive experience to remember forever.  She is a passionate, wise and intuitive woman who thrives on empowering others.  I would recommend Brooke to any woman/couple who wishes to have a positive birthing experience.   

Juliana & Bruno

December 2014

"I come from a background where most women are led to believe cesareans are the safest and best way to birth a baby. When I found out I was pregnant, I was so scared of not being able to choose to have a cesarean, that my first thought was to go back to Brazil to have my baby there.


Having Brooke as our doula and placenta encapsulation specialist was life changing. Brooke's wealth of knowledge and wisdom helped me to understand the importance of having a vaginal birth. I am so glad we had Brooke as our doula. She empowered us not only to have the most amazing experience of our lives - but also to have a better understanding and change our concepts about birth, opening our eyes to a whole new way of life."

Carmel & Will

January 2015

When I found out I was expecting twins at my dating scan, my first thought is unprintable; but the second was, 'I'm calling Brooke'! Brooke had been my prenatal yoga instructor during my first pregnancy and I knew if anyone could help me to stay grounded and focused throughout the pregnancy and labour, Brooke could. I missed out on having her for my first pregnancy as she was fully booked, so I didn't waste any time engaging her this time around!


There are so many options and choices around birth. With twins there are even more. Brooke was my sounding board and ensured I had the information I needed to make those choices. It soon became apparent that with my initial care provider I wouldn't be guaranteed the chance for things to go as naturally as I hoped. It would depend on 'who was on at the time'. Thanks to her contacts in the birthing world, Brooke guided me to a care provider who would and so late in the pregnancy I switched hospitals. Brooke also helped to ensure I was in the best physical condition throughout the pregnancy in preparation for the birth as well as the job of looking after two babies and a toddler: she pointed me in the direction of a naturopath and chiropractor who I believe really helped.


I am immensely proud of my birth. My twins arrived naturally, without induction and at 40 weeks. My second baby was footling breach and arrived just twelve minutes after my first, with no drama: no manual turning or c section; just the way he was supposed to arrive!  It was quick and very different to the first time. I was free to move around and follow my instincts. Brooke was there alongside me providing me with practical help as well as the confidence to trust my body and my babies. I am so glad to have had Brooke with me all the way. As she said right at the start, 'twins are just another version of normal'. And they were! I did it!

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Carmel & Will

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