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Finding your path in life can often be a long and winding road. Sometimes the more we try to find what we are here to do the harder it can be to see what’s in front of us. 


Being a Doula was never something I intentionally planned to do, but looking back now I see it was always going to find me. I spent a lot of my teenager years babysitting and even did my work experience in year ten at Westmead hospital working with the midwives for a week, which I loved, and then in childcare for the other week. 


I was always a pretty creative child, playing make believe, dancing, singing and loved to perform. Throughout high school I excelled in drama and even won a scholarship to NIDA when I was in my final year of high school. I soon realised I was totally committed to pursing acting and here is where my path took a different turn. 


For many years I followed my dream of acting and eventually it lead me to studying full time at W.A.A.P.A (Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts) this was an incredible experience and one I will never forget. It is certainly a big highlight in my life to date. 


Studying to be an actor gave me confidence in my ability to communicate, to express myself and see life through many different lenses. It certainly wasn’t a walk in the park and there were many moments of self-doubt but I am truly grateful for the gift of acting as it has made me resilient, forced me to truly get to know myself and without these lessons I wouldn’t be the doula I am today. 


Moving back to Sydney in 2006 after graduating was another journey, especially the one in where full time acting gigs aren’t exactly knocking on your door. 


It was a conversation with a friend of mine who was pregnant at the time and happened to mention this course where you can study to become a Doula. I had no idea what a doula was but I was definitely intrigued. Sometimes fate really does have it all figured out. 


It was a pretty easy decision to enrol in the doula course at The Australian Doula College. Another life changing course and one that would entirely change my career direction.  


It’s been over ten years now and 200 births later; I’ve had the pleasure of supporting so many beautiful women, and have experienced the absolute joy of birth. I see now that nothing you ever study is wasted, it’s just leading you to the next thing. 


From studying to be an actor to being a doula, and a yoga teacher its clear to me my path is in serving others. In learning as much as I can about life, myself and our journey here on this planet. 


I hope one day our paths cross and I can be of service to you. 




  • 3 Year diploma of Acting at The  Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (Nov 2006)

  • Certificate in pre and post doula training at The Australian Doula College Jan 2008

  • Samadhi Yoga Teacher Training with Katie Manitsas (Sep 2009)

  • Prenatal Yoga Training with Katie Manitsas (Sep 2009)

  • Certificate in Placenta Encapsulation Training with I.P.E.N (Apr 2012)

  • Level two Dasa Vayu energy healing with Mangku Made in Bali (Jan 2018)

  • Vedic meditation with Marcus Hamill from The Sattva Life (Aug 2018)

  • Certificate in Usui System Reiki Shoden Level 1 with Prudence Proctor (Feb 2019)

  • Inner Engineering Course with Isha Yoga Foundation Sadhguru (July 2019)

  • Sattva yoga 200 hour teacher training program (Nov 2019)